Each Instance fueling your Services is equipped with lightning-fast local SSDs, ensuring rapid storage for your Service code and temporary data.


An important consideration to keep in mind is that local storage in EveCloud is ephemeral by nature. This implies that any data stored on the local filesystem of a running Service could potentially be lost at any given time.

It’s essential to note that local data isn’t retained or transferred when the Instances supporting your Service are repositioned to a different physical server. This kind of instance rescheduling is carried out during automatic software upgrades, which occur at least once a week.

For data retention, it’s advisable to utilize a database or object storage solution that ensures data persistence.

With this in mind, local storage is especially suitable for caches or temporary data requiring high-performance processing.

Data Encryption

At EveCloud, security is our utmost priority, integrated as a fundamental necessity rather than an optional feature.

To thwart data breaches, we implement encryption for all customer data stored at rest, without necessitating any user intervention. AES256 encryption is employed to secure customer data stored on our hypervisors.

Furthermore, our hypervisor SSDs are systematically wiped when they are decommissioned. Encryption at rest serves as an additional security layer, offering protection against potential data leaks in the event of process failures.

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