When initiating a service deployment, the service needs to be compiled into a deployable image. This task is handled by builders.

To provide a more faster and efficient building process, we partnered with Depot Technologies.


The Nixpacks is a specialized tool that streamlines the process of generating deployable images for services. Serving as a vital component, it is intricately crafted to compile and organize your service’s code and resources into a format that is optimized for deployment. This versatile tool ensures that your service is packaged in a manner that is compatible and efficient for deployment.


A Dockerfile is a fundamental blueprint used to build Docker container images. It contains a sequence of instructions that define the base image, necessary dependencies, configurations, and code to create a fully functional containerized application.

With EveCloud, Dockerfiles play a pivotal role in defining how your application environment is constructed within containers, ensuring consistency and portability across different deployment scenarios.


If you have a Docker Image in a repository and simply intend to deploy it, you can bypass the building stage and directly proceed to deployment. This streamlined process allows for efficient deployment of pre-existing Docker images, saving time and effort.

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